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Allied Arts Centre house tours, 1959–1969

Annually from 1959 to 1969, the Women’s Committee of the Allied Arts Centre hosted a house tour. The tour always took place in September, with the exception of 1962, when it was held in June. All tours featured five houses. This event is a great example of the kind of work voluntary associations did in the post-War era. It also demonstrates the high level of social trust that existed then. Today it’s impossible to imagine Calgary’s wealthiest letting strangers tour their homes.

The tours were reported extensively in the “World of Women” section of the Calgary Herald. The coverage was most comprehensive in 1960 when staff writer Karen Miller profiled each of the five houses and their owners.

Most of the houses included in the tours were relatively new when shown. Furthermore, they were among the most elegant and expensive homes in the city. Although not intended as an architecture event, the tours none the less showcased some of Calgary’s most interesting and original houses of the time. A total of 54 houses were displayed over the 11 years (the Gustavson house was shown two years). Several of the houses are also featured on this website.

I’ve listed all of the homes included in the tours along with their addresses. Also, for each year I’ve compiled the newspaper reports on the event.

First annual – 10 September 1959

H. Davidman – 2104 10 Street SW

J. J. Stattler – 2220 Hope Street SW

N. A. MacPhee – 4415 Britannia Drive SW

J. J. Schumiatcher – 812 Madison Avenue SW

George L. McMahon – estate

Second annual – 8 September 1960

E. R. Barnett – 200 Malibou Road SW

Charles R. Hetherington – 1305 Glenmore Trail SW

Linden J. Richards – 46 Medford Place SW

L. W. Caspell – 4811 14A Street SW

Wilbur Griffith – 38 Discovery Vista Point SW

Third annual – 7 September 1961

Norman E. Gustavson – 1104 Baldwin Crescent SW

Jack M. Moon – 5815 Elbow Drive SW

Frank L. Sparks – 920 Riverdale Avenue SW

J. M. Boyd – 635 Sifton Boulevard SW

Samuel Katchen – 804 Hillcrest Avenue SW

Fourth annual – 14 June 1962

J. J. Simpson – 812 Riverdale Avenue SW

Norman E. Gustavson – 1104 Baldwin Crescent SW

Samuel Hashman – 1100 Baldwin Crescent SW

A. D. Kingsford – 14 Street s. of Anderson Road

Ross Calder – 14 Street s. of Anderson Road

Fifth annual – 11 September 1963

Robert C. Armin – 18 Eagle Ridge Drive SW

Clinton W. Roenisch – 102 Eagle Ridge Drive SW

Morris Hector – 53 Massey Place SW

Nicholas Hardinge – 716 Elbow Drive SW

Richard A. Locke – 1242 Lansdown Avenue SW

Sixth annual – 29 September 1964

R. A. Orr – 2823 Linden Avenue SW

M. A. Sager – 2356 Longridge Drive SW

Wilder H. Ripley – 5909 Elbow Drive SW

Dave A. Scatcherd – 509-815 50 Avenue SW

William Switzer – 3624 13A Street SW