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Firm: J. M. Stevenson Cawston and Stevenson

Address: 1305 Glenmore Trail SW

Date of final plans: November 1948

Status: demolished in 2016

The Malcolm G. MacKenzie House was built as an estate property outside city limits on the south side of 66th Avenue (now Glenmore Trail). It is a ranch-style design with a vaulted living room and an angled floorplan. Mr and Mrs MacKenzie only lived in the house until 1953. That year it was purchased by Dr Charles R. Hetherington and his wife Jane, who had just moved to Canada. It became known as the Hetherington Estate and underwent several additions in the 1950s and 1960s. In 1969 the Hetheringtons sold the property and in 1970 an apartment complex, called the Hetherington Estates, was built around the original house. Cawston's original house was demolished in October 2016.

The Hetherington Estate was included in the 1960 Allied Arts Centre House Tour.



Malcolm George "Mac" MacKenzie (1921-1967) was born in Calgary. He attended school here and at Trinity College School in Port Hope. MacKenzie served as the vice president of the oil Great West Distributors. In 1956 he built the Crossroads Motor Hotel, which he hired Cawston to design. His final venture was M. G. MacKenzie Entreprises Ltd. MacKenzie was a member of Christ Church, the Lions Club, the Petroleum Club, Earl Grey Golf Club, and the Glencoe Club. In 1943 MacKenzie married Madelyn Mary “Muffy” McHugh (1921-1959). They had three children: George, Malcolm, and Patricia.

Dr Charles R. Hetherington (1919-1995) was born in Norman, Oklahoma. In 1943 he received his Ph.D from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and thereafter began his career with Standard Oil of California. In 1952 he moved to Canada to become president of Frank McMahon's Westcoast Transmission Company, which had been founded in 1948. In 1956 he became president of McMahon's other company, Pacific Petroleums. Hetherington was appointed president of Panarctic Oils in 1970, where he remained until 1994.

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