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Firm: Alton McCaul Bowers

Address: 830 9 Avenue SW

Date of final plans: 1960

Status: demolished circa 2005

The Allied Arts Centre was built in the early 1960s out of the former Union Tractor Company building. The design of the conversion was done by Alton M. Bowers. The last reference to Bowers I could find was from 1971, when he designed the clubhouse for the Silver Springs Golf Club. I haven't found an obituary anywhere.

The Allied Arts Council was formed in 1946 to act as stewarts of a public art collection held at the Coste House. In 1960 the Centre purchased the property on 9 Avenue and built its new headquarters. It closed only a few years later in 1969. From 1970 on the organisation has been the Calgary Allied Arts Foundation, and is responsible for maintaining the city's public art collection.

Bowers's design for the Centre included a 500-seat theatre, offices on the main floor, and a gallery on the second floor. It was demolished around 2005.

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