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Firm: unknown

Address: 38 Discovery Vista Point SW

Date: 1957

Status: standing as built

The Wilbur L. Griffith House was included in the 1960 Allied Arts Centre House Tour. It received an extensive profile in the Herald prior to the tour.



Wilbur Linn Griffith (1902–2004) was born on 29 May 1902 in Enid, Oklahoma to Angus Linn Griffith and Dollie Sheriff. After graduating from high school in Tulsa, he attended Drake University, where he graduted bachelor of commerce in 1926. The year he graduated he began working for Gulf Oil. In 1929-30 he returned to school at the University of Oklahoma. Griffith left Gulf in 1945 and began to work independently as an oil lease broker. Business took him to Illinois, Colorado, Nebraska, North Dakota, South Dakota, Utah, and Montana. In 1955 Griffith moved to Canada. In Calgary, Griffith founded Canadian Export Gas Limited. Griffith sold his petroleum interests in 1965 and after that time focussed on ranching. In 1977, along with a group of partners, Griffith founded Pinebrook Golf and Country Club near his house in Springbank. Today his name is visible in the Griffith Woods Park, whose land he donated to the city.

On 9 July 1955 Griffith married Elizabeth Louise Boucher (1926–2002) of Golden, BC at Many Glacier Hotel in Montana. They had three children: Sally, Julia, and Wilbur. Griffith died on 20 March 2004 at age 101.

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