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Firm: unknown, likely Abugov and Sunderland

Address: 1100 Baldwin Crescent SW

Date: 1960

Status: standing as built

The Sam Hashman House sits on the south edge of the Calgary Golf and Country Club, in the Bel-Aire Estates neighbourhood. Built in 1960, it was one of the first houses in the new neighbourhood that Hashman's construction company helped build. The house is a bungalow with an extremely low-pitched roof.

Later in its life the Hashman House was the site of one of the most famous kidnappings in Canadian history. On Thursday, 10 August 1972 three kidnappers broke into the home intending to take Mrs Hashman. However, Mr and Mrs Hashman were in Toronto picking up one of their daughters from summer camp. Instead, the kidnappers took one of Hashman's daughters, Marlene, and held her for a $500k ransom. Sam rushed back to Calgary on his private jet and went through a movie-like ordeal to pay the kidnappers, involving phone booths, rented cars, and changes of clothing (see story below). Marlene was released unharmed and all three men were caught.

The Hashman house was featured in the 1962 Allied Arts Centre House Tour. My guess is that the house was designed by Abugov and Sunderland, but I can't verify this.



Sam Hashman (1929–2011)

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