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Firm: Abugov and Sunderland

Address: 1428 Beverley Place SW

Date of final plans: 1968

Status: standing as built

In 1959, Ted Riback and his partner Sam Hashman began building the Bel-Aire neighbourhood. While Hashman built himself a house in Bel-Aire in 1960, Riback waited until 1968 and acquired one of the last available lots for his house. By this time, his daughter Faith also was living in Bel-Air with her husband Norm Green.

Allegedly, the design was based off a house in California he and his wife had seen and liked. The square house features a pavillion-style roof (otherwise known as a Pizza Hut roof) and white horizontal stone cladding.

In the 1970s, the Ribacks commissioned another much more famous house, this time in Rancho Mirage, by the architect William F. Cody.



Morris Ted Riback (1910–2010)

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