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Firm: Cohos Delesalle and Evamy

Address: 208 Eagle Ridge Drive SW

Date of final plans: October 1969

Status: demolished in 2006



Herbert Richard Auck (1920–1988) was born around 1920 in Edmonton. During the war he served in the RCAF as an instructor. After the war, he enrolled at the University of Alberta and in 1949 graduated Bachelor of Commerce, and then in 1953 received is CA designation. Auck appears to have joined Burns and Dutton Construction straight out of university. The company had been founded in 1948 by Reg Jennings, Red Dutton, and Bob Burns. In 1962, Auck, Jack Simpson, Irv Thomas, Bob Burns, and Walt Hillier acquired ownership of the company from the three founders, and in 1970 the company was renamed Cana. Auck retired in 1979. In 1980, Auck joined the six-man Calgary Olympic Coliseum Society, which oversaw the construction of the Saddledome.

Auck was married to Ruth _____. They had three children: Gordon, Greg, and Audrey. He died in Maui on 27 March 1988 at age 68.

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