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Firm: unknown

Address: 4704 Britannia Drive SW

Date: 1956

Status: demolished in 2021

As of late 2020, the house is for sale and is being marketed as a tear-down. Given its likeness to the Sam Switzer House just down the street, it's possible this house was also designed by William G. Milne.



Henry Irving "Harry" Wilson (1896-1982) was born in Kirriemuir, Scotland on 22 May 1895. At some point in his late teens he appears to have come to Canada alone, and in August 1915 he enlisted in the Royal Canadian Regiment. Wilson served for a time in France in early 1916. After being demobilised Wilson returned to Canada and settled in Calgary. At the end of the War he changed his middle name from Irvine to Irving.

In 1937 Wilson formed the Freeman Wilson Company Limited, a Dodge-DeSoto dealership located at 511 Center Street downtown. Wilson retired in 1973. Outside of work he was a member of the Calgary Golf and Country Club, the Ranchmen's Club, and Riverview United Church.

On 7 August 1921 Wilson married Maisie McEwan (1899-1995) at her family's home in Freewater, Oregon. The couple had three daughters: Lorna, Anne, and Donna. Wilson died on 7 November 1982 at age 84.

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