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Firm: William G. Milne

Address: 221 Roxboro Road SW

Date of final plans: 1963

Status: demolished in 2014

The Milne House was wrecked during the 2013 flood and demolished the year after.



William G. Milne (192?–2008) was born in Winnipeg. He attended the University of Manitoba and graduated Bachelor of Architecture in 1949. At the U of M he was the quarterback of the Bisons and earned the sobriquet "Tiger" Milne. Upon graduation Milne moved to Calgary, where he spent the duration of his life.

During the 1950s and 1960s Milne designed some of the uniquest homes in Calgary, including the Samuel Katchen House, the Samuel Switzer House, the Ruby Switzer House, and the Albert Ravvin House. He also designed several notable office towers downtown including the Bradie Building, the Bowlen Building, and the Ford Tower. Milne is best remembered as the father of the Calgary Tower. Milne conceived the tower as a 1967 Canadian Centennial project based off the Space Needle in Seattle. Although Milne initiated the project, his design for the tower was ultimately rejected in favour of the design by Albert Dale.

Milne died on 7 February 2008 at age 84.

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