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Firm: John W. Long


          Show home: 1112 Beverley Boulevard

          House A: 1228 Bel-Aire Drive

          House B: 1016 Bel-Aire Drive

          House C: 1236 Bel-Aire Drive

          House D: plans not found

          House E: 1208 Belavista Crescent

Date of final plans: September 1961


          Show home demolished in 2022

          House A demolished in 2016

          House B standing

          House C demolished in 2012

          House E standing

The Bel-Aire Estates neighbourhood was developed by Sam Hashman and Ted Riback. The partners bought the land in 1959 and began construction in 1960. Both men built homes for themselves in Bel-Aire: the Sam Hashman House was constructed in 1961 (I haven't identified the architect), and the Ted Riback House was built in 1969 from a design by Abugov and Sunderland.

In 1961, Hashman had Jack Long design him six houses to be built by Hashman Construction in Bel-Aire. The plans for House D were not in the roll of drawings, so I don't know what it was. The show home and House B are bungalows; House C is a traditional split level (though with an unconventional gable roof), and House E was a split level with a shed roof. The show home, House A, and House C have all been demolished. Jack Long also designed houses in Bel-Aire for Christiansen and Hansen Construction, Bertram Promislow, and S. James Donnelly.



Hashman Construction Limited

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