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Firm: Rule Wynn and Rule

Address: 909 50 Avenue SW

Date of final plans: January 1966

Status: standing

The Manager's House at the Calgary Golf and Country Club was the 1966 sequel to the 1958 Clubhouse that Rule Wynn and Rule designed. The house is essentally a bungalow whose grade change allows rear access to a basement garage. In the basement there is a rumpus room and den, while the upstairs has three bedrooms, a living room, dining room, and kitchen. Sliding doors from the dining room exit to a deck at the front. From the street the house is difficult to see. It looks well maintained but I have no idea whether the club manager still lives in it.



Manager of the Calgary Golf and Country Club, 1964–1989

Louis William "Steve" Stiven (1923–2005) was born in Dún Laoghaire, Ireland. He served from 1940 to 1946 in the RAF and was stationed in Burma. After the war, he moved to London and trained in hotel management at the Savoy Hotel. In 1954, Stiven moved to Canada and took the position of General Manager at the Mississauga Golf & Country Club. On 1 April 1964, Stiven was appointed Secretary Manager of the Calgary Golf and Country Club. One of his early projects was the construction of the new manager's house in 1966. Stiven retired as manager in 1989.

In 1952, Stiven married Betty ____. They had three children: Peter, Paula, and Robert. He died on 7 February 2005 at age 81.

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