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Firm: Rule Wynn and Rule

Address: 919 50 Avenue SW

Date of final plans: August 1958

Status: standing, altered

Rule Wynn and Rule's 1958 clubhouse for the Calgary Golf and Country Club is a long, low structure built around a 136' by 79' central block. Two wings radiate from the block at 30 degree angles. The south wings holds the men's locker room and the north wing holds the women's and staff locker rooms. On the main floor of the central block there is a lobby, staff offices, pro shop, men's bar, and ladies' lounge. Beneath the rear patio is bag storage. On the second floor, the main lounge exits to the patio. On the north side are the main and private dining rooms, and on the south side are the men's lounge and mixed spike lounge. A secondary staircase allows members to walk upstairs to the spike lounge in their golf shoes. The kitchen is at the front of the building.

The stepped gardens beneath the patio, which include a walkway, were not completed as designed. My main criticism of this building was the placement of the windows on the upper floor, particularly on the front side. As one can see, they do not align at all with the lower windows, creating a clumsy look. Aside from that, it is a remarkably slick mid-century design with an ultra-low 2/12 roof pitch and massive glulam beams. A few tasteless renovations have removed most of the 1950s character.

In 1966, Rule Wynn and Rule designed a replacement manager's house at the entrance of the property. This building reads as a sequel to the clubhouse.

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