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Firm: Blum and Proppe

Address: 605 7 Street SW

Date of final plans: 1964

Status: demolished in 1981

The Adams Building was built for Barotto Sports, a sporting goods store that opened in April 1962 and that was originally located on the first floor of the Humford Building. The founders of the store were Barrie Deakin (1936–1971) and Otto Krumes (1933–1971), and the business's name was a portmanteau of their first names. The Adams Building was named for Krumes's father, Adam. Deakin and Krumes were killed in a car crash near Red Pass, BC, on 5 December 1971 while on a hunting trip. In 1978 Barotto merged with Frenchy's (founded 1954) as Frenchy's and Barotto's Wholesale Sports, and in 1993 became Wholesale Sports. The business folded in 2017.

The architects of the building were Blum and Proppe, the firm run by Gerhard Blum and Eric Proppe. It was demolished around 1981 to make way for the new Monenco Place. Blum died in 2006 and I've found no evidence where his drawings ended up.

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