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Firm: Clayton Bond and Mogridge

Address: 4624 Britannia Drive SW

Date of final plans: 1955

Status: demolished in 2016



William "Bill" Borger (1921–1999) was born in Winnipeg on 21 November 1921. During World War II he served in the Royal Canadian Air Force. Following the War he moved to Alberta and in 1949 settled in Calgary. That year he opened a new branch of his family's construction business, Borger Brothers Limited, which had been founded in 1919 in Winnipeg. William stayed with the company for his whole career. Borger Construction remains in existence today.

In 1947, Borger married Dawn Pearl Williams (1926–2007) in Lethbridge. They had three sons: William, Robert, and David. Borger died on 24 August 1999 at age 77.

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