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Firm: J. M. Stevenson Cawston and Stevenson

Address: Glenmore Heights

Date of final plans: May 1946

The Snelson House was planned in the unbuilt Glenmore Heights neighbourhood, which would have occupied what is now Bel Aire Estates and Mayfair. Glenmore Heights was designed by famed golf course architect Stanley Thompson (1893–1953). Unfortunately, the plans for the house don't say what lot the Snelsons bought.

The house itself is a pure moderne design. It's quite small with two bedrooms, a den separated by a curtain, and with only one room in the basement.



Hoyt Elbert Snelson (1908–1979) was born in Colorado Springs in 1908 to William Hoyt Snelson and Ethel Pearl Brauer. At some point the family moved to Canada and in 1941 he became a naturalised citizen. Around 1945 he moved to Edmonton.

On Sunday, 3 April 1938 at St George's-in-the-Pines in Banff, Snelson married Nedra May Macallister (1910–2007). He died on 28 March 1979 in Edmonton.

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