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Firm: H. W. R. McMillan and Associates

Address: 127 Canter Place SW

Date of final plans: January 1960

Status: standing, modified

The Rose house is one of the most inconspicuous modern houses in Calgary. The house was part of "Mount View Meadows," a row of ten estate properties that faced Canyon Meadows Golf Club. Each lot was 440' (1/12 mile) deep and 264' (1/20 mile) wide. Rose's house was on lot D, the fourth south of Anderson Road. When the Canyon Meadows neighbourhood was built during the 1970s, somewhat miraculously, six of the ten estate homes were left standing and incorporated into the new street design. To integrate them, each lost its entrace driveway off 14th street and was forced to move its entrance to the rear. In the case of the Rose house, the original garage was removed entirely and a new one was built at the former back of the house.

George and Ruth Rose only lived in the house house for a year or so, after which time they moved to Bel-Aire. In 1962 they sold the property to lengendary oilman Neil NcQueen of Central-Del Rio Oils. Today, the house blends in with its 1970s neighbours and is hardly recognisable as a mid-century gem. Along with the new garage, three pseudo-dormers have been added and the rear patio is enclosed. From 14th Street, the original driveway is still visible.



George Paget Rose (1931–2011) was born in Brandon on 7 October 1931. Sometime in the early 1950s he moved to Calgary where he worked as a developer. Among his projects was the Brae Glen Condominiums. In 1981 he retired and relocated to Scottsdale.

Rose married Ruth Alice Markle (1932–2007). They had three children: Deborah, Grant, and Scott. Rose died in Scottsdale on 28 April 2011 at age 79.

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