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Firm: Clayton Bond and Mogridge

Address: 4908 Britannia Drive SW

Date of final plans: 1955

Status: standing as built



Dr Charles Wesley Taylor (1916–1999) was born in Delhi, Ontario on 18 December 1916. He attended medical school at the University of Toronto, graduating in 1940, and then during World War II served in the Royal Canadian Air Force as a medic in Calgary. Following the War he returned to Toronto and completed his medical training at the Toronto General Hospital. In 1953 Taylor returned to Calgary and became Southern Alberta's first neurosurgeon. Outside of work, Taylor was one of the founders of Bethany Chapel.

On 13 November 1943 Taylor married Margaret Ilene Oliver (1919–2019). They had five children: Gail, Gordon, Gary, Glen, and David. Taylor died on 26 September 1999 at age 82.

The Dr. Charles Taylor Memorial Lectureship is held annually at the University of Calgary medical school in his honour.

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