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Firm: unknown

Address: 4119 Crestview Road SW

Date: 1951

Status: demolished in 2003

Don Harvie's house sat on a prestigious lot atop a steep bank overlooking the Elbow River. Among Jack Cawston's records I found the 1950 drawings for an unbuilt design by Stevenson Cawston and Dewar. I haven't found plans for the actual house Harvie had built. It was demolished in 2003.



Donald Southam Harvie (1924–2001) was born on 16 March 1924 to Eric Lafferty Harvie (1892–1975) and Dorothy Jean Southam (1895–1988) of the dynastic newspaper family. Harvie graduated Bachelor of Science in chemical engineering from the University of Alberta in 1945 and an MBA from Harvard University. In 1947 he began working in the oil industry and worked for Western Leaseholds and Canadian Fina Oil. He eventually rose to the position of Deputy Chairman with Petrofina Canada. When Petro Canada was formed in 1975 he sat on the board as the deputy chairman. Harvie also held directorships with the Bank of Montreal, Molson, Northern Telecom, and BP Canada. Throughout his life he was involved with his father's Glenbow Museum.

Harvie married Mary Soper (19??–2002).  They had four children: Janet, Ian, Pat, and Mary Ann. Harvie died on 24 June 2001 at age 77.

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