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Firm: Clayton Bond and Mogridge

Address: 73rd Street and 15th Avenue SW

Date of final plans: May 1960

Status: demolished in 2007

The Hyles House was built on a 660' by 330' estate lot on 73rd Avenue. The house was set slightly off square to the lot. CB&M's design was for a modest three-bedroom bungalow with a double garage. The basement covered only a small section of the footprint and was not intended for use.

Google Street View captured the Hyles estate in October 2007, just as it was being redeveloped (see image below). Although the house was gone by this time, the gates were still standing. The image gives a good indication of how spectacular the view was from the property – a panorama of the Rockies.



Cleve B. "Ted" Hyles.

I've been able to find no information on Hyles save that he went by Ted and was married to Erna Schick (1918–2005). At some point the Hyleses relocated to Bowden.

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