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Firm: unknown

Address: 2207 Amherst Street SW

Date: 1950

Status: standing as built



Barnet "Barney" Groberman (1898-1974) was born in Manchester, England to Harris Groberman (1853-1927) and Sarah Fuchs (1868-1924). Barnet was the 9th of 10 children. In 1904 the Grobermans immigrated to Canada with Barnet and their 10th child, Edith. Harris operated a furniture store in East Calgary.

In 1906 the eldest Groberman child, Morris, moved to Calgary and operated Dominion Furniture and Dry Goods. He was followed by his brothers Charles and Abe. The other five children – Ellen, Charna, Jane, Mendel, and Meyer – moved to Canada after 1945.

Barnet worked as an auctioneer until 1937, when he purchased Sykes Imperial Furniture. He later took over Dominion from Morris. Barnet married Rose Bercov (1901-1962). They had two children: Annabelle and Harold.

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