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Firm: Rule Wynn and Rule

Address: 805 8th Avenue SW

Date of final plans: January 1955 (original), November 1957 (addition)

Status: standing as built

The Petro Chemical Building, built for Sun Oil Company, is the finest example in Calgary of the pure International Modern style. The building was constructed in 1955 and was originally four storeys. In late 1957 RWR drew plans for an addition that brought the building to nine floors. The highlight of the addition is the penthouse floor which is set back from the building line 16' on the east side and 10' on the north side. The penthouse patio is covered by a floating canopy remarkably similar to the one found on the Europahaus in Berlin.

Today, the Petro Chemical Building looks virtually the same as it did after the addition was completed in 1958. The only noticeable change is at the storefront level. One can only hope it will remain unaltered.

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