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Firm: unknown

Address: 609 7 Avenue SW

Date of final plans: 1949

Status: demolished circa 1972

The Penley's Building was built in 1949 for Penley's Dance Academy. Penley's was founded in 1912 by John Kenneth Penley (1888–1956). In 1918 Penley married Wahnita Elizabeth Barker (1900–1988), with whom he continued to run the dance academy after the War. In 1929 the studio moved into the new London Building at 620 8 Avenue SW. In 1949 Penley's built their own new building across the alley. The dance studio used the main floor and rented offices on the second floor.

On 1 June 1953, the Calgary Stock Exchange purchased the building and conducted some renovations. It commenced operations in the new building around 1 July. At this time Penley's moved to the basement of the Al-San Club at 501 3 Street. On 15 June 1965 the Exchange moved to new headquarters on the fourth floor of the Anglo-American Building. For the duration of the decade, the main floor was occupied by the Fred Astaire Dance Studio, while the basement was occupied by the Beachcomber, a Polynesian restaurant. Around 1972 it was demolished and a new two-story building was constructed. The basement housed the supper club Lucifer's, and later, the main floor was the home of Quincy's Steakhouse. Quincy's was demolished in 2014.

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