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Firm: Stevenson and Dewar

Address: 640 7 Avenue SW

Date of final plans: July 1953

Status: demolished

North Canadian Oils Limited was incorporated in 1949. Strangely, the name on this building's entrance canopy says "North Canadian Oil Company," which was never used. Likewise, all of the architect's documentation refers erroneously to the company under this name.

The North Canadian Building, designed by Stevenson and Dewar, was a clean and reserved office block in the heart of west downtown. Its footprint is 50' by 123' and sat across the street from the Dome Building. The design is highlighted by the transparent stairwell on the right side of the façade. The building was demolished sometime perhaps in the 1980s, and its site is now a lawn beside the Bowlen Building.

The building was intended to be expanded from four to eight floors, however, the addition was never built. In the gallery below I've included images of how the completed building would have appeared.

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