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Firm: Stevenson and Dewar

Address: 224 9 Avenue SW

Date of final plans: 1951

Status: demolished in November 1982

The General Petroleums Building was built out of the former Plunkett and Savage Building on 9th Avenue. Stevenson and Dewar's design added a fourth floor and a new façade. This new façade was done in a severe moderene style.

General Petroleums of Canada Limited was founded around 1933. In 1959, Commonwealth Petroleum Limited, under the presidency of John A. Scrymgeour (1921-2003), acquired a financial stake in General. In 1969, United Westburne Industries Limited acquired Commonwealth along with the more famous Trimac Transportation. Westburne still exists today as an electrical supplies distributor.

Several years later, Stevenson designed the sleek General Petroleums Warehouse.

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