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Firm: J. A. Cawston and Associates

Address: 8227 Elbow Drive SW

Date: November 1959

Status: standing as built

Jack Cawston's Chinook Park clinic is one of a handful of bungalow clinics built in the suburbs in the '50s and '60s. This clinic is something of a companion to Clayton Bond and Mogridge's Elbow Drive Medical-Dental Building, which was located farther north across from the Britannia neighbourhood. Cawston's clinic is defined by angled privacy walls at either end of the building. The 12/1 roof is supported by four glulam beams that protrude from the roofline on either end. The building is still standing, though, unfortunately, the English brick has been painted. If it were given a sympathetic period restoration, it could be a spectacular building again.

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