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Firm: J. H. Cook and Associates

Address: 703 6 Avenue SW

Date: 1958

Status: standing as built

The Britannia Building was one of a number of post-war buildings in Calgary financed by European capital. The project was organised by Canadian Properties Limited, the Canadian subsidiary of Metropolitan Estates & Property Corporation (MEPC), a London-based property company that was founded in 1946. By the late 1950s, CPL had become one of the largest real estate holders in the country.

Design of the building was done by J. H. Cook and Associates, whose records I haven't been able to find. Cook died in 2000 (see his obituary). The building was planned initially to be four storeys, but was built as six with a possible expansion to eight. Around 1964, it was finished to nine storeys with a unique penthouse design that doesn't match with the original international style design. Although it was built on a corner lot, it is only 75' deep and the side façade doesn't really have any architectural qualities. As such, the model here only shows the front façade. In the late 1970s an additional three bays were added to the west side. At some point the original marble pilasters were reclad in concrete and the flower bed was covered over. The glass tile entrance wall and the concrete canopy have been removed.

The original main tenants were Superior Oil and Amerada Petroleum, whose names appeared on the entrance.

The model below was built using photographs and it should not be considered completely accurate. It shows the eight floors that were intended in the design.

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