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Firm: Ernest T. Brown

Address: 630 8 Avenue SW

Date: 1949

Status: standing

The Bamlett Building was one of the first new offices built downtown after the Leduc discovery to meet the new demand for oil companies. The original building was 50 feet wide. In 1954 another 25 feet were added to its west side. The additional was by Haddin, Davis and Brown. This addition eliminates the building's original symmetry. In 1953, oil companies that had offices in the Bamlett included Canadian Bishops, Husky, Fina, Seaboard, Sunray, Honolulu, and Los Nietos.

The man behind the building was Robert Bamlett (1892-1976). Bamlett was born in Chester-le-Street, Durham, and came to Canada in 1910. During the war Bamlett was briefly in the Royal Flying Corps but did not see action. While in Toronto he met his future wife, Alma Blair (1892-1982), who was the secretery to the president of Bell Telephone. Robert and Alma both moved to Calgary in 1921 and wed on 4 June of that year. Bamlett went on to a successful career in business, founding the Bamlett Insurance Agency. He died on 25 September 1976 at age 83.

Today the original white stucco had been painted over with an ugly red-brown, and classical porticos have been added to the entrances. Aside from that it's mostly original. Although lacking in architectural merit, it's nonetheless a vital artefact from the early boom years.

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