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Firm: Stevenson and Dewar

Address: 631 7 Avenue SW

Date of final plans: September 1954

Status: demolished circa 1987

The Anglo-Canadian Development and Holding Company incorporated in November 1934. At the shareholder meeting of 24 March 1938, the company announced it had received $1.7 million in financial backing from the Montreal firm Nesbitt, Thomson and Company for a development programme in Turner Valley. At that same meeting the shareholders voted to change the company's name to the Anglo-Canadian Oil Company, Ltd. The following month the company elected Edmonton corporation lawyer H. R. Milner, KC as president. Milner would remain with the company for the duration of its existence.

The Anglo-Canadian Building was one of a number of two-storey office blocks built in the post-Leduc oil boom of the 1950s. It was located in the western half of downtown where the majority of new offices were built in the 1950s.

The company officially moved into its new building on 25 July 1955. Just over a month later, on 31 August 1955 in a meeting held at the Palliser Hotel, the company shareholders, under the chairmanship of H. R. Milner voted in favour of an amalgamation with Canadian Oil Companies Ltd. of Toronto, famous for its White Rose brand. The price of the acquisition by Canadian was approximately $22.5 million. After the acquisition was complete, the Anglo-Canadian Building became known as the Canadian Oil Companies Building. In 1962 Canadian was purchased by and merged into Shell.

The building was demolished around 1987 to make way for Encor Place.

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