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Firm: Stevenson and Dewar

Address: 1027 8 Avenue SW

Date of final plans: December 1953

Status: demolished

The Shell Building was the farthest west of any oil company offices downtown. The building itself was constructed in 1948 for Palace Bread. A photograph of the building (in the gallery below) shows a long, one-storey structure built of brick. In the early 1950s, Shell purchased the building and planned a reconstruction to turn it into a new head office. Stevenson and Dewar prepared the plans, which included a two-storey addition and a redesign of the front façade. The set of plans I found doesn't include elevations, so I had to improvise the model based on photographs. The building was demolished sometime in the 1980s after Shell moved in 1977 to the new Shell Centre on 4 Avenue.

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