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Firm: J. H. Cook and Associates

Address: 710 7 Avenue SW

Date of final plans: 1957

Status: demolished circa 1983

The MacKenzie Building was built by Malcolm G. MacKenzie (1921–1967), whose house is also featured on this site (see here). It was a two-storey, 80 foot structure that for most of its life sat next to the Dome Building. It was named in honour of Malcolm's father, George Alexander MacKenzie (1883–1942) who founded the oil company Great West Distributors Limited. The building was designed by J. H. Cook, and like all buildings by this firm, I have no idea where the drawings are. Cook died in 2000 (see his obituary) and I assume his archive still belongs to the family. As with many downtown buildings from this era, the MacKenzie Building had a short life. It was demolished sometime around 1983 to make way for... a parking lot.

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